Identity Theft Prevention | What to Do if You’re a Victim

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6 Responses to Identity Theft Prevention | What to Do if You’re a Victim

  1. MyRetartedBroProd says:


    fuck!….i think i have one right now, my comp has a blank background and it only shows the tool bar im running scans right now ahh

  2. pplAssist says:


    There are more aspect of IDT. This video only cover financial area (20% of IDT) and there are no solution provided (Only Monitor and flag your it but no real RESTORATION)…

    For more complete solution, please check out Pre-Paid Legal & Kroll’s IDT plan which cover 5 major area of IDT.

  3. whitekid3 says:


    i just found out that an illegal alien is using my s.s. number for his job… luckily, the person hasn’t opened any credit cards… but i got a bill from the irs that i owed $3,500 for not reporting the income the illegal alien was making… now i have to go thru the hassle of cleaning up the mess… i usually have compassion for illegal aliens, but now i think i’m going to vote republican.

  4. woowooha2003 says:


    Recent victim of ID theft. Thanks for the video… I did all the right things now all I can do is pray.

  5. XxUrDaddyxX says:


    Thank The Tips And Video. This Things Are Pretty Scary!

  6. ScamExpert says:


    Stay safe online… Use firewalls,anti-spyware,

    and anti-virus software to protect your home

    computer; keep them up-to-date. Don’t use outdated

    versions of IE. Never click on links sent in

    unsolicited emails; instead, type in a web address

    you know. Google Nigerian scam.